REDengine puts you in control
With REDengine you can turn your ideas, knowledge and skills, into beautiful, interactive eLearning, within minutes.

Benefits of REDengine

Knowing that all staff in a business are reading from the same page is crucial. Find out how REDengine can help you to be certain...

Create eLearning in minutes, not days

Other tools put the power of editing content into the hands of technical and multimedia professionals. REDengine allows content changes to be made and published instantly authors who know the content, not HTML.

REDengine allows you to update eLearning content instantly

Access anywhere, anytime

REDengine is allows content to be updated from anywhere. Because our tool is held in the cloud, your content developers can be writing and editing content from anywhere in the world; day, or night.

With REDengine, eLearning content can be edited anywhere, anytime

Structure content correctly

REDengine is designed specifically for online training, and our product is designed to meet recognised adult learning principles. We provide the framework for you to work with, allowing you to focus solely on your student’s learning.

REDengine structures eLearning content based on ADDIE

Collaborate on content

Writing training material can be difficult. To help with that, REDengine is designed to allow multiple authors to collaborate on the same training content in real time. Now multiple subject matter experts (SMEs) can work together to crteate the best training for your students.

Because REDengine is cloud based, authors can collaborate on eLearning content

Hassle free secure hosting

Sit back and relax, becuase we handle the technical "stuff". REDengine is cloud based software, securely hosted within an Australian-based data centre. These are coninually monitored, and backed up regularly. All eLearning content and training materials are protected based on strict permissions within our software.

REDengine is hosted in the cloud

Consistent online training

Studies have proven that consistent delivery of training materials provides greater retention of information. REDengine allows you to create eLearning, with consistent interface, navigation and interactions, for all of your projects.

REDengine creates consistent eLearning

Committed to support

Listening to our customers is paramount at REDengine. Either for bugs, features or just help using our system, we are committed to listening and responding in a timely, personable manner – it’s that simple.

REDengine offers fantastic support for your business

What We Do

REDengine is a web-based platform that allows subject matter experts (SMEs) and content developers to construct online learning content, without any multimedia and web development skills. Our templatised platform allows authors to design and structure, consistent training packages, based on adult learning principles.

REDengine puts the control of content changes in the hands of SMEs, providing them the ability to create, edit, collaborate, and publish eLearning packages within minutes, all without the need of 3rd party consultants.

Our Customers

We are just as proud of our customers, as we are of our product. Here are some of the amazing customers using the power of REDengine to improve their business.

Canberra Institute of Technology Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd Spiral Soltutions and Technology Mission Planning Australia

Our promise to our clients

REDengine’s purpose is to make a positive impact on our client’s business. We value your business as our own, and we strive to ensure every interaction is genuine and reflects our personality. Our clients have the right to expect the best possible service from us – be it online, on the phone or in person. Our clear aim is to build a lifelong relationship and we know we have to continually perform to retain that privilege. We encourage, value and welcome opinions and feedback.

REDengine has changed the way we develop training. Now we can easily collaborate with clients and SMEs around Australia, and worldwide.

Sigma Bravo - eLearning developers
- Andrew Taylor – e-Learning Manager, Sigma Bravo